The mission of the Morehead Writing Project (MWP) is to improve student writing achievement by improving the teaching of writing in Eastern Kentucky schools.

Founded in 1986, MWP is a federally- and state-funded professional development program whose goal is to help Eastern Kentucky educators become better writers and writing teachers. We are affiliated with the National Writing Project, the Kentucky Writing Project, the Kentucky Department of Education, and Morehead State University.

Ends on March 31, 2018$50.00 - 150.00
$50.00 - 150.00
The Morehead Writing Project offered its first program in 1986 and since that time we have touched the lives of countless educators and writers of all ages in our region and beyond. However, over the past decade funding for educational programs in the United States has diminished. The National Writing Project once enjoyed a dedicated line in the federal budget and was able to rely on federal educational grants, but has lost both revenue streams. Here in Kentucky we were long supported by the Kentucky Department of Education, but recently lost that support as well. During this same time period, our host institution, Morehead State University, has taken steady cuts in state funding. All of this means that the Morehead Writing Project is in trouble and we need your help to survive and continue to offer the programs that you love. 

Support our Morehead WP 2018 Programs

Your $50 friendship gift now will allow us to offer these programs in 2018 (and includes free registration for the event of your choice):

  • Spring Writing Retreat
  • Fall Writing Retreat
  • Writing Eastern Kentucky Conference
We only need 12 friendship gifts to guarantee that each 2018 event will take place (36 in total) plus those gifts will allow us to support the young writers of our region by offering $450 in scholarships for our Teen and Tween Writers Day Out events.

Supporting the Morehead WP with a friendship gift today will help sustain our site and support writers of all ages. 
It should come as no surprise that Morehead Writing Project Teacher Leaders are rock stars who are in demand!

Of course, this means that we sometimes lose track of our Teacher Leaders as they change positions and districts. While this can mean a lovely surprise when we meet old friends in unexpected places, it can also lead to lost connections and we hate for that to happen. 

So please let us know when you relocate -- even if the news may seem too old to you it might not be to us!