The mission of the Morehead Writing Project (MWP) is to improve student writing achievement by improving the teaching of writing in Eastern Kentucky schools.

Founded in 1986, MWP is a federally- and state-funded professional development program whose goal is to help Eastern Kentucky educators become better writers and writing teachers. We are affiliated with the National Writing Project, the Kentucky Writing Project, the Kentucky Department of Education, and Morehead State University.

  • Our 2018 Spring Weekend Writing Retreat will be from 9 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 24, at the Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead, Ky.
  • Registration for the day will cost $50 and does NOT include lunch although we hope you will join us for lunch at one of Morehead's local restaurants within a few blocks of KFAC. 
  • Six hours of professional development credit is included in the registration.

The Morehead Writing Project is offering the opportunity for school districts in our region to sponsor a limited number of K-12 teachers for Professional Development Fellowships with our Summer Writing Camps.

The $70 Fellowships will offer teachers:

  • 30 hours of individual, interactive professional development
  • Supported experience running writing conferences with student writers
  • Experience with the writing workshop model
  • Opportunity to develop writing prompts, mini lessons, and activiities with a coach
  • Experience using technology to support writing instruction and student publication
  • Models for developing and supporting student engagement and classroom community as well as fostering parent relationships
  • National Writing Project mentor(s)

Fellowship opportunities will be available at a variety of times and locations during Summer 2018. However, early registration will ensure first choice of the available spots. See Summer Writing Camps page on the MWP web site for more information about camp dates and locations.

The Morehead Writing Project Online Summer Institute will be held during Morehead State  University's Summer II in 2018 (July 2-27). The Online Summer Institute will offer a choice of three or six graduate credit hours from Morehead State University (ENG 608 and ENG 609) or 36 hours of professional development credit for $350.

The asynchronous seminar allows teachers unable to attend a traditional Invitational Summer Institute the opportunity for the National Writing Project experience. The Online Summer Institute focuses on these key areas identified by NWP research and experience:

  • Teacher as writer
  • Teacher as reflective practitioner
  • Teacher as researcher
  • Teacher as leader

The Online Summer Institute also offers unique experiences as the teachers who participate are not bound by geography to the Eastern Kentucky region.

This is a fun and enriching professional development experience that includes exposure to a number of tech tools to enrich and support literacy development as well as passion projects and gamification!

Teachers at any grade level and in any content area are welcome. Contact Morehead Writing Project Director Deanna Mascle ( to learn more.

Note: Morehead State University graduate credit is $579 per credit hour (for 3 or 6 credit hours) OR Morehead Writing Project can offer up to 36 hours of professional development credit ($350). Learn more on our web site.

It should come as no surprise that Morehead Writing Project Teacher Leaders are rock stars who are in demand!

Of course, this means that we sometimes lose track of our Teacher Leaders as they change positions and districts. While this can mean a lovely surprise when we meet old friends in unexpected places, it can also lead to lost connections and we hate for that to happen. 

So please let us know when you relocate -- even if the news may seem too old to you it might not be to us!

The Invitational Summer Institute is at the heart of our work as a National Writing Project site. This is where our work to improve the teaching of writing in Eastern Kentucky begins and this is where we begin developing our future site leaders.

We are looking for K-16 teachers and administrators from all content areas who want new ideas to help their students become more effective writers and who are willing to work on developing their own writing.  We seek educators who are open to examining their teaching practices and who are interested in learning how to incorporate writing into any subject area. 

Unfortunately, the loss of our state and federal funding has meant that we will not hold a traditional (face-to-face on the Morehead State campus) Invitational Summer Institute in 2018 -- and we are unsure when we will be in position to do so again, but the work of the Morehead Writing Project goes on, because we know that the teachers of our region can benefit from the proven National Writing Project experience and as a site we know that we need fresh voices and ideas to continue this important work. 

This year we are searching for a small group of amazing educators to help us pilot a new Invitational Summer Institute experience. This fellowship experience will include participating in our Online Summer Institute (an asynchronous experience scheduled for July 2018) and working with Morehead Writing Project leadership throughout the 2018-2019 academic year.

This unique professional development opportunity will include a fellowship stipend (although we have yet to determine the amount) and the opportunity to earn up to six graduate credit hours.  (Note:  We are no longer able to pay tuition.)  If you are interested in joining a professional support network and participating in a transformative learning experience, apply now!