Ends on June 15, 2018

The Morehead Writing Project Online Summer Institute will be held during Morehead State  University's Summer II in 2018 (July 2-27). The Online Summer Institute will offer a choice of three or six graduate credit hours from Morehead State University (ENG 608 and ENG 609) or 36 hours of professional development credit for $350.

The asynchronous seminar allows teachers unable to attend a traditional Invitational Summer Institute the opportunity for the National Writing Project experience. The Online Summer Institute focuses on these key areas identified by NWP research and experience:

  • Teacher as writer
  • Teacher as reflective practitioner
  • Teacher as researcher
  • Teacher as leader

The Online Summer Institute also offers unique experiences as the teachers who participate are not bound by geography to the Eastern Kentucky region.

This is a fun and enriching professional development experience that includes exposure to a number of tech tools to enrich and support literacy development as well as passion projects and gamification!

Teachers at any grade level and in any content area are welcome. Contact Morehead Writing Project Director Deanna Mascle (d.mascle@moreheadstate.edu) to learn more.

Note: Morehead State University graduate credit is $579 per credit hour (for 3 or 6 credit hours) OR Morehead Writing Project can offer up to 36 hours of professional development credit ($350). Learn more on our web site.

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